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World Pool Masters 2023 Results

The 2023 World Pool Masters proved to be an electrifying tournament held in the heart of Las Vegas from May 10th to May 13th. A stellar lineup of the globe’s finest pool players converged to vie for the prestigious title, and the competition lived up to all expectations. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the tournament results, round by round.

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ESSEX, UNITED KINGDOM. 13th May, 2023. during World Pool masters 2023 at Brentwood Centre on Saturday, May 13, 2023 in ESSEX UNITED KINGDOM.

Last 16 – Race to 9

The Round of 16 matches went down with a race-to-9 format, delivering some intense and thrilling moments. Check out the results below:

1Wed 10th, May 2023Joshua Filler vs Niels Feijen5-9
2Wed 10th, May 2023Max Lechner vs Mohammad Soufi9-4
3Thu 11th, May 2023Mario He vs Alexander Kazakis9-5
4Thu 11th, May 2023Albin Ouschan vs Eklent Kaci7-9
5Thu 11th, May 2023Shane Van Boening vs David Alcaide9-6
6Thu 11th, May 2023Jayson Shaw vs Pin Yi Ko1-9
7Thu 11th, May 2023Wiktor Zielinski vs Xiao Huai Zheng9-6
8Thu 11th, May 2023Francisco Sánchez Ruiz vs James Aranas7-9

Quarterfinals – Race to 11

The Quarterfinals went all-in with a race-to-11 format, showcasing some seriously high-stakes matchups. Brace yourselves for the outcomes:

9Fri 12th, May 2023Niels Feijen vs Max Lechner11-6
10Fri 12th, May 2023Mario He vs Eklent Kaci10-11
11Fri 12th, May 2023Shane Van Boening vs Pin Yi Ko7-11
12Fri 12th, May 2023Wiktor Zielinski vs James Aranas10-11

Semifinals – Race to 11

The Semifinals upped the ante with a race-to-11 format, delivering some of the tournament’s most thrilling matchups. Check out the results:

13Sat 13th, May 2023Niels Feijen vs Eklent Kaci10-11
14Sat 13th, May 2023Pin Yi Ko vs James Aranas11-9

Final – Race to 13

The Final cranked up the intensity with a race-to-13 format, marking the pinnacle of an exhilarating tournament. Behold the results:

15Sat 13th, MayEklent Kaci vs Pin Yi Ko5-13

Pin Yi Ko clinched victory at the World Pool Masters 2023, securing both the championship title and the coveted trophy. Ko’s triumph was well-earned, showcasing incredible pool skills that resonated throughout the entire tournament.


The World Pool Masters 2023 proved to be an incredible tournament, spotlighting top-tier pool talent from around the globe. Packed with surprises, upsets, and nail-biting matches, it was a thrill to witness from beginning to end. Big congratulations to Pin Yi Ko for seizing the championship title. We’re eagerly anticipating the excitement the next World Pool Masters will undoubtedly bring.